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Return Of The Golden Race

Return Of The Golden Race

Return Of The Golden Race

Return Of The Golden Race

Return Of The Golden Race

Return Of The Golden Race
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Return Of The
'Golden Race'

The Return of the Golden Race sets the scene for an increase in activity for Arts & Cultural Engagement. It is the promise of Hart Culture C.I.C. to support and direct people safely through the 'Golden Era' to a positive point of transformation in the 'self'.

The project is proudly sponsored by 'Transform Newham' Grants, a Christian body to help 'Transform' lives! Hart Culture is also sponsoring the pledged grant awarded of upto GBP5,000 solely on the 'Golden Era'. The Powerful 'Myth' goes that December 21st 2012 is the date of the full alignment of the Planetary Solstice in the Universe, as recorded by Ancient Scholars, Ancestors of Wisdom and officially encorporated into the Mayan Cultural Calender (Mexico). This special constellation includes the
 alignment of the Sun and surrounding planets (typically known as the 'dying' of the 4th Sun, and Rising of the '5th' Sun: new Sun Cycle). There are many theories and Cultural Calenders that point to this 'point of Ascension'.

At this point of 'Ascension', people will become liberated, more creative, feel an increase in energy, positive thinking and desire 'more' from life. There will be a desire for wisdom, knowledge and 'truth'. In short, people will be looking for answers in the 'self', and not look to 'outside' reference points.

Earth's "sacred geology" was acknowledged closely by human African Ancestors who constructed pyramids at specific places in alignment with the stars & with each other.  The 'EARTH MEDICINE WHEEL' serves to restore 'balance' & 'harmony' {Ma-at} through honoring these sacred sites and the spiritual life of the Earth's Keepers traditionally dwelling at these places today. They are typically preserved as 'museums' or 'Cultural Sites'.

The 'Return Of The Golden Race', refers specifically to the 'acknowlegment' of such 'knowledge' and such 'Wisdom' discarded by modern world ideologies and 'New World' Industrialisation by the 'Scattered' Descendents of these Old Kingdom's. A call to Inspire Excellence - Always!