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A Nationwide Company

A Nationwide Company

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Saturday 21 December 2013
7pm- 12am


2nd Quadrennial International Reading Symposium

Saturday May 21st 2016 10.00am - 4.30pm

Annual Charity Summer Ball
(Special Tribute for ZAmbia@ 50 Celebrations)
Saturday 22 August 2014 | 7.30 - 1am

HC Fashion Parade & Gala Dinner

Saturday September 23rd 2014 | 7.30 - 12am

Annual Charity Winter Ball

Saturday  28 November 2014 | 7.30 - 1am

Awards Of Excellence Festival
Saturday - Sunday
December 15th - 16th 2013 | 7.30 - 10pm

Culture In The Park - (Global)
Sunday 25 June 2016  2pm - 10.30pm

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"If it wasn't for Hart Culture, I wouldn't know where to start with getting my book published. It has been a real relief to know that it exists".

Author, Writer

Birmingham, UK

"Being at Hart Culture made me forget that I was even at work! I won't forget this day".

Jonas Burgess 

Equity Department, HSBC PLC


"After Hart Culture Managed my event, I could actually walk afterwards. usually I am tired and worn out running up and down. It is a great help, and I also got to spend time with my guests..."


HC Business Member (Zambia)


"After I lost my husband to cancer, I just had to do something different and escape the house. The Art Therapy Course has opened my eyes and heart again to the world"

DIBC Beneficiary, (Widower)

Drop In Bereavement Centre


"Working with Hart Culture was an absolute pleasure. I love it! I am sure that we will be working with them for a long long long time!


England Basketball

Hart Culture Casetudies {21st Edition}

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